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Ini adalah daftar project Website yang sudah kami kerjakan menggunakan Drupal, termasuk sejumlah module yang buat.


Gammu SMS Gateway

Gammu is an SMS Gateway. This module provide a bridge between Drupal and Gammu, so you can use Drupal to utilize SMS Gateway including:

  1. Send and Receive SMS
  2. Send and Receive MMS
  3. Retrieve Gammu Lib info, Phone and Network status
  4. Read and Write to Gammu Phonebook
  5. Send direct and scheduled SMS/MMS
  6. Send and Receive USSD (i.e: check available balance)

Remote Database Server Support

This module support Gammu database using same or separate Drupal database, even located on different server. This mean, you can use Gammu on a VPS by attaching modems into Dom-0 then create different database for each modem. Each VPS Client (Dom-U) connect to their own database access.

Advanced Usage

This module also an effective way to block spam by sending SMS a code like captcha, so user must enter this code on registration and/or comment form.