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Kannel SMS Gateway

Kannel (http://www.kannel.org/) adalah WAP dan SMS Gateway yang sangat terkenal, hal ini disebabkan karena kemampuan yang sangat baik dalam menangani SMS dalam jumlah yang sangat besar. Kannel mendukung banyak modem baru bahkan modem generik, demikian juga multi bank (modem bank). "Based on the results from Wapit's test environment, we claim Kannel to be the fastest SMS and WAP gateway on the market, capable of handling several hundreds of requests per second". " This module use CCK to store Kannel message and log, so you can use Views to make any possible reports! You can send SMS using sample form provided by this Kannel module: - create content --> kannel_sendsms. This Kannel module will support: Use CCK for Kannel sendsms, encode strings (done) Use CCK for Kannel smsbox Use CCK for Kannel bearerbox Use CCK for Kannel sqlbox (new) Parse Kannel log file into Drupal table, mean we can use Kannel even without external storage compiled! Check Delivery Reports Admin: Kannel configuration (partial done) Admin: Check Kannel status Admin: Restart Kannel w/o shutdown Kannel Admin: start and stop smsc NOTE: We create a dedicated project for Kannel rather than an all-in-one SMS module, like SMS Framework module which can't accept any additional libraries now. Also, I see users of SMS Gateway A can't answer preciously any question for SMS Gateway B, vice versa. The configurations and troubleshoot, especially workflow of SMS Gateway is very unique. Kannel API Kannel project consists of 2 modules: Kannel API: you use Kannel API in your module to send SMS Kannel Sample Form: this module create a "Kannel Send SMS" content-type. You can use this form to send SMS or look inside sample code to reused. Kannel Version This project tested on Kannel 1.4.3 library version. Kannel Documentation We spend hour to write detail instruction to install, setting and make Kannel works, read detail here: http://drupal.org/node/1347528